Friday, November 11, 2005

Nipomo's Newest Golf Course

Yesterday's Tribune has a short blurb about Nipomo's newest golf course. According to the Tribune, the course named Monarch Dunes, at the new Woodlands community will open at the first of the year. Next week is the grand opening of the clubhouse, restaurant, and golf shop.
Set to open by the first of the year, Monarch Dunes at the Woodlands, will be the first public golf course to be completed in the mammoth Nipomo Woodlands development.
This is an exciting time for Nipomo, and for all you golfers out there. This will bring to three, the number of major world class courses on the Nipomo Mesa (likely all within 10 miles or less of each other). Currently there is Blacklake, Cypress Ridge, and now Monarch Dunes. I am a horrible golfer; but, I love to get out on the links and have a good time.

The Monarch Dunes will be patterned after the traditional courses of Scotland and Ireland, where golfing has its earliest roots. It will look like the nearby sand dunes, rather than having lots of grassy mounds. And, the sand on the course apparently comes from sand on the site. Several holes will also allow a great view of the ocean:

The Scottish links-styled, 18-hole, 6,800-yard championship course was designed by Damian Pascuzzo, a Cal Poly graduate and partner of Graves and Pascuzzo, a golf architecture firm in El Dorado Hills.

Monarch Dunes will be managed by KemperSports, which also manages Palm Springs' Desert Willow, Black Gold in Yorba Linda and Harding Park Golf Course in San Francisco.

"This is truly a unique golf course and the only one in the county patterned after the traditional links in Scotland and Ireland," said Mark Luthman, KemperSports regional director. "It's very rugged looking, with native fescue grasses, beach grasses and natural sand dunes. It mimics the appearance of nearby dunes, using shaped dunes instead of the traditional grassy mounds, and there will be a number of holes from where you can see the ocean."

Pascuzzo said the golf course was built from the sand on the site.

Even more exciting to the local Nipomo economy is the projection of its own shopping center and the potential for a 500 room hotel. These factors are critical to the potential incorporation of Nipomo as a city:

The Woodlands development, which began construction in April 2004, will take 10 to 15 years to build. It will include 1,320 homes, two 18-hole courses and one nine-hole course, a business park, a 500-room hotel, riding and hiking trails, a shopping center, and a 12-acre park.
Next week, take a drive and check out the new local restaurant, and golf shop. And, just after the first of the year, plan to tee up on our newest local course. See you on the links!

Update: More information on the Monarch Dunes can be found here.


Blogger richard said...

Over at, most of the recent hits are coming from searches for Monarch Dunes and The Woodlands. Lots of interest!

10:57 AM  
Blogger Guy Murray said...

Thanks Richard for this link and update. I'll use one of their photos to update my post, since it's one from the actual course.

8:52 PM  
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